Mr. Joachim Paech’s faulty of bankruptcy motion

Company assesses damages against Mr. Joachim Paech

Zurich, 01.08.2013. The Private Capital Markets AG, previously Silvia Quandt Capital Markets (Switzerland) Ltd., Zurich, announces that the District Court of Zurich, hereby rules on 27 June 2013 as follows: The assertion introduced by the former Board of Joachim Paech that Silvia Quandt & Cie. AG, Frankfurt am Main, was not the owner of all shares of Silvia Quandt Capital Markets (Switzer-land) AG at the time of the Extraordinary General Meeting on 28.09.2012, the court rejected as unfit.

Joachim Paech could in no way provide evidence for his claim that shares are in possession of the former trustee Victor Sauter and Mrs. Tina Hunziker. However, the Board Director Anna Wohlthat could provide many contrary evidence to the court.

The Court has also ruled that Joachim Paech was no longer entitled for the indebtedness indicator, Silvia Quandt Capital Markets (Switzerland) AG by the Extraordinary General Meeting. Joachim Paech has begun the indebtedness display at a time when he was already dismissed from his posi-tion as a director. He acted not as an institution but as unauthorized third parties. As Silvia Quandt Capital Markets (Switzerland) AG has not been found in bankruptcy difficulties, the now renamed Private Capital Markets AG Company will make claims for the resulting damage to Mr. Joachim Paech.

The Board of Directors

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